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Top Hunting Guns Every Hunter Should Own

If you’re an avid hunter, it is a no-brainer that hunting guns are essential to perform the activity, irrespective of the animal you’re looking for. Possessing the right firearms and ammunition can change the entire hunting experience. However, choosing the guns depends on your comfort, expertise, and the animal you wish to have for dinner. That said, some guns are always better than others. The animal’s anatomy also plays a significant role in choosing weapons and ammunition. Therefore, it is best to own different types if you’re a seasoned hunter and goes for regular hunting stools. Read ahead to find a list of the top 6 guns that make your task much more manageable while hunting.

12 Gauge shotgun

It is the most versatile gun used by beginners and seasoned hunters. It has a 3″ gauge with interchangeable chock tubes. It is used to hunt different animals – like ducks, geese, doves, rabbits, and squirrels. Since these guns are often associated with buckshot, they can be used to hunt even the most significant animals, like deer, in close proximity.

0.22 Caliber Rifle

Since these guns are smaller, they are used for hunting smaller animals like rabbits, squirrels, and so on. They comprise cartridges like 0.22 long rifles, 0.22 Winchester Rimfire Magnum, and so on. They are lightweight and inexpensive and are generally used by novice hunters to hunt smaller animals that run significantly slower.

Varmit Rifle

These guns are designed for hunting only varmints. If you do not pose concern about the animal’s pelt, then this is the best gun that can be used to get the job done, as it works with any cartridge. The bolt action rifles with 0.2202.50 or 0.223 Remington work best with these kinds of guns. They are used both by seasoned hunters and well as intermediate-level hunters.

Long range rifles

You can use long-range rifles when you’re in the woods and hunting for wild animals far from your vicinity. Experienced hunters mainly use them due to their quality and weight. Hunters in dense forests generally hunt pronghorn, sheep, elk, or mule deer with these guys. Some of the cartridges compatible with this gun include:

  • 6.5 PRC
  • .270 Winchester
  • .270 Winchester Shirt Magnum
  • 7MM Winchester Short Magnum
  • .300 Winchester Magnum

Long range rifles

Woods Rifle

It is an extensively used rifle for hunting, especially the big animals. These are used primarily by hunters traveling through the dense forest in the United States and are avoided in yards short past 100 yards. Due to their rapid target acquisition power, they allow hunters to set their goal on the target and shoot them precisely within seconds. These rifles are used for deer, wild boars, and pigs. They are suitable for all those rare cartridges, .450 Bushmaster and .50 Beowulf these days.


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