Top Essential Survival Tactics while Hunting

Imagine yourself as a novice hunter, hunting for some fresh meat in the woods. Unfortunately, there are high chances of getting lost or eaten alive by a wild animal. Do you know any survival skills that could prevent you from such dangers?

Hunting can pose life-threatening challenges to a hunter, as fun and adventurous as it is. So even if you’re a novice hunter, you need to possess survival tips and skills to survive the harsh woods. In addition, you are often exposed in the open, with no protection against wild animals, rain, falling trees, and other such situations. Hence, it is better to be prepared than to suffer alone in the dense forest.

Carrying Navigation tools

Losing your way in the deep, dense forest can be one of the most daunting experiences in life. If you’ve watched documentaries on the same, you can relate to this experience. It is wise to carry navigation tools to help you find your way back. If you forget to pack one, note the sun’s position, which can be your best friend in finding your way around. It is also great to carve markings on trees and leave imprints on the ground so that you can follow your path in case you get lost.

Carrying water purifiers

water purifiers

No amount of water is enough when you’re going on hunting, as it is an extremely exhausting task. It is impossible to live even a day without water safely. Clean water is found in the woods, but learning to fetch it safely is a skill many hunters lack. Some lakes and ponds in the woods can also be infected with poisonous substances or fecal matter from animals. Hence, it is best to carry a miniature purifier to keep diseases and death at bay.

Building huts for shelter

Building a shelter to protect yourself from wild animals is a life-surviving skill that everyone should be aware of, especially if you’re away from home, hunting for an entire day! Once it starts getting darker, it is imperative to shift to a safer place, away from elevation. Building huts made of large leaves, logs of wood, and other materials will prevent you from prey to wild animals and help you stay warm among the drastic temperature drop in the woods.

Starting a campfire

Although we’re not cavemen, we ought to know how to start and ignite woods and leaves to save our lives. If you cannot light a fire with stone, a modernized way is to carry a lighter or matchbox. Collect dry objects like wood, dry leaves, and other materials from the forest and ignite them to start a fire. One essential technique is to create a small flame by using smaller leaves and moving to more essential items to keep the flame going.


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