Bino Topia N-9

Bino-topia binocular suspender N-9, certainly the premier product to comfortably sport your optics! The “No Bounce Bino Suspender” your optics stay where you put them! CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Rich-Eastern Oregon ” I initially purchased the Bino-Topia system because I was looking for all the things it had to offer. I have had them in service for 4 years (and the cover) and not one issue period. I use and abuse them year round. I am amazed at how well these have held up. I was previously using the Crooked Horn system which was a good change from the neck strap. Going to this system was like stepping out of a Pinto into a Mercedes. Worth every penny and then some. I still haven’t seen another system that I would even consider using. I would 100% recommend to a friend and I ever need to, would certainly buy again for myself.”