Rife Scabbard

The new series rife scabbard has no exterior pocket rather a daisey chain webbing on the back that will accept all the Nimrod pockets and accessories like: Bi-pod pockets, spotting scope cases and all our range and binocular cases, you can customize it to you liking! Ask a sale associate to give you the real depth of this incredible improvment! Experience the world of Hands Free Hunting, how? By inserting your firearm into a secure easy access scabbard! Your access to the firearm is attained by reaching your right hand over your right shoulder and grasping the grip portion of the rifle, it can be pushed up closer to your right hand with the free left hand at the muzzle end of the gun. Smoothly draw out your firearm following it down for the other hand to receive. This puts the rifle in a ready to shoot position. More info below!
Hands-Free Hunting Features…
*Accommodates up to a 30″ barrel with a 54mm scope.
*Wool interior offers maximum weapon protection and a smooth, easy draw.
*This allows far safer use of binos to climb, and ride using both hands with our Hands-Free System!
*Easy over-shoulder draw for quick weapon access… if you can scratch the back of your head, you’re a candidate for Hands-Free Hunting!
*Three quick-release buckles secure the scabbard to any Nimrod pack system for easy ON & Off mounting.
*Includes a pocket for a hydration tank or other gear.
*Elastic cartridge holders at your fingertips.
You never need feel that your rifle is not accessible and ready for action. We recommend always removing your pack to reinsert the firearm. This is the safest method and worth using as a routine technique. Yes safety is definitely where its at with this incredible firearm system. On top of that, it will spoil you as you move through the woods negotiating wind-fall, thick brush and climbing to have two hands to hang on and operate with and not banging your scope against obstacles and rocks. Through all the rough going, your gun is spot-on, safe and ready to shoot when you are! The Pinnacle pack is a favorite pack choice to add the scabbard too. This holds the Scabbard in the perfect angle for walking, riding or operating orv’s. You always have your hands free and know your weapon is protected and not subjected to unnecessary vibration and abuse. Certainly the premier way to hunt comfortably and efficiently!