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Hunting Checklist – Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Next Hunting Trip

Hunting trips require a great deal of physical and mental preparation. You need to have the right mindset and also know how to use your weapon of choice well. Ideally, you also need to have a pre-hunt checklist with you in order to avoid confusion and ensure that the entire hunting trip goes smoothly. Here are some hunting checklist tips to keep in mind for your next hunting trip:

Carry Clean Clothes with You

This is a simple but often overlooked tip. It never hurts to be too careful on hunting trips. Many animals have a highly sensitive smelling capacity, and the last thing you want is for them to pick up your scent and run away.

Hence, you need to be careful about how you assemble the clothes in your bag. It is also recommended to take a shower without the use of soaps or shampoos right before your hunting trip. You can also carry scent-eliminating sprays and liquids with you.

Wear the Right Apparel

Ideally, it is best to wear brightly colored clothes on hunting trips. The most popular color option is camo orange. In addition, make sure to purchase high-quality field dressing gloves, heavy-duty boots, and a durable backpack. You can wear a hat or balaclava as well.

Carry These Essential Supplies

You will need to have flashlights and batteries. In case you run out of drinking water, you will be forced to adapt and drink the water you may find around you. Hence, it helps to carry enough water purification pills with you.

Make sure also to carry two-way radio communication devices and high-quality paracords. You can use a rangefinder, game decoys, and wind checker to increase the chances of your success. Many people also like to carry a survival guidebook to use as a reference.

Hunting Laws

Be Well Versed With the Hunting Laws

When you choose a place for hunting, make sure to understand the various laws and regulations about that place. Keep in mind that the regulations get updated frequently. Hence, you will need to stay fully up-to-date.

Carry Enough Water and Snacks With You

Hunting trips can be time-consuming and exhausting. You may get tired after walking around for a long time. Hence, it is important to keep enough food supplies with you, especially if you have hunting companions.

Carry Some Extra Hunting Gear With You

Depending on the season, you will want to dress appropriately. If you are hunting in the cold seasons, it helps to have hand warmers with you. You can also keep a bear mace spray for additional safety.

If the place where you are doing the hunting is known to have many lakes, you can bring your fishing gear. Make sure to also carry a notepad with you in order to jot down important details about the behavior of the animals and the habitat.

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