Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners

Hunting is a recreational activity that has centuries of history. Kings of different dynasties were well-trained in hunting, which was mainly recreational. Although hunting in today’s world is prohibited in different parts, it is still one of the leisure activities followed by many.

As fun as it sounds, hunting is not an easy endeavor, especially deer hunting, considered one of the most challenging animals to hunt. However, a successful hunter often possesses the right skills, analytical and quick mind with the right skills to fetch the right deer and bring home the big bucks. For beginners, gaining some knowledge on hunting deer will put them on the right track to get started. If you’re in the woods for the first time or a seasoned deer hunter, the tactics mentioned here will help you in all ways possible. Stick around to know more!

deer hunting

Best time for deer hunting

The best time for hunting deer depends on the location and the time you can spare for the activity. If you’re well prepared for the activity, circumstances can work in your favor.

Since deer are crepuscular creatures, they are active during sunrise and sunset, but they come out of their shelter in search of food and water, which is the best time to hunt.

Hunting competitor’s in the forest

Since hunting is a popular recreational activity, it is a no-brainer that you will also come across other hunters in the wood, making your chances bleak of finding any deer. Hence, you might have to go deeper into the woods or change your hunting location to avoid such situations.

The monthly moon cycle

One of the most unusual facts is that deer movement is also associated with the moon cycle. Deers are primarily active during moon rise and show minor activity on full moon day. Although it can be intimidating to plan your hunting schedule based on moon position, doing so can get you the best results and land you on the prettiest or biggest deer’s.

Calling a deer

Calling a deer

Hunting for an animal is associated with calling out for them. But different methods are followed for other animals. For example, while hunting for deer, various tools and techniques are used to call them out in the open. One of the easiest methods is mimicking deer sounds, effectively piquing their interest. Although instruments and tools like grunt, rattle, snort, and bleat are used to call them out, it still takes immense practice and precision to use the tool rightly, lest you should scare them away.


The points mentioned above are the basics every deer hunter ought to follow. Apart from this, there are other things to consider when you’re in the presence of other wild animals in the woods. Knowing about their sublet movements, the climatic conditions of the wood, and other factors also play an essential role while deer hunting.

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