Best Hunting tips

You must have prepared a lot for your next hunting expenditure. But if you want to succeed in hunting, you must cover all the basics and have a solid strategy.

You can look into this guide to learn some basic hunting tips that can help you in your next hunting expenditure.

Hide your smell

One of the essential hunting tips is to hide your smell. When going deer hunting, check in which direction the wind is blowing. Deer will not run away even if they see you or hear you. But the moment they get your smell, they will panic and run away.


If you want to avoid the possibility of getting smelled by the deer, you should hunt in such a way that the wind hits your face or in other ways that will blow your human order away from the deer.

Scrape strategies

Bucks use scrapes to mark their area and make their presence known by spreading their scents throughout the areas. The typical scrapping behavior will involve dissipating their smell from their nasal or forehead glands. Once they are done with scraping, they will urinate on the ground. Thus, hunting over scrapes and understanding their pattern is a good strategy.

But instead of directly hunting over the scrape, it is better to hunt downwind and set up along the path of the scrape. This is because bucks will generally visit the scrape at night. And by setting up along the trail to the scrape, you will be able to intercept a buck going to the scrape.

Make maximum sound as possible

If you want to attract whitetail deer, it is best to set up rattle devices, a form of communication between whitetail deer. Either a set of antlers or an artificial bag will do the job. But whatever you are using, make sure not to be timid while using rattles. Make as much noise as possible to cover more territory and attract more bucks.


When hunting the whitetail deer, the hunters need to consider the weather. Hunting before and after peak rut season when the weather is in your favor will give your chances to win. Hunting before a cold front after a warm period will help you spot more and hunt down old bucks.

The best time to hunt is the time before the cold front and one or two days after the cold front moves out. This is the best period to capture maximum bucks. Also, ensure you do not go hunting when the weather is warm. Just like human beings, deer all react to weather conditions. So, understand the pattern and how deer react to it to make weather your ally.

Know the place where the deer feeds

Every animal, including deer, has to eat every day. Therefore the best place to find the deer will be near their favorite food. Also, you will have to understand that deer eat specific food during different year periods. So, learn what, when, and where deer will feed. Then, learn about the pattern of their eating to find the source of food so that you can hunt there.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a newbie, remember these deer hunting tips to increase the chances of capturing a buck.

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