Basic Hunting

Basic hunting Checklist for Beginners

From the beginning of humanity, hunting has always been a popular sport. To experience the thrill and get fresh meat, more than 15 million Americans are indulged in hunting. However, even though hunting is exciting, it is a tedious, unproductive, and dangerous task if you are not equipped properly.

If you want to succeed in your next hunting outing, you can look into this hunting checklist.

Things you need before hunting

Before you go hunting, you need a license, weapon, and hunting ground. To get these things ready, you need to do the following things.

Get your license and safety certification

Having a license is crucial if you want to hunt on public or private property. But before getting the license, you must take the hunter safety education course and pass the test.


It is essential to follow the hunting protocol and regulations of the area you plan to hunt. Failing to follow those protocols can result in fines and even jail time.

Practice shooting

Before going hunting, find the equipment that suits your style. For example, many people prefer rifles, while others prefer a handgun. So, find the best hunting weapon that can fulfill your need. Then, select a gun and practice with it until you have mastered the aim. Practicing will help you know if you need other accessories like tripods or suppressors to improve your aim.

Search for a hunting ground

To find the hunting ground, you can hunt on your own property if you own a large piece of land. Or else you can also consider leasing private land and going hunting.

You can find public hunting lands available if you don’t own land and cannot lease a property. Once you find a suitable hunting ground, use a map to understand the layout of the land and learn about its terrain. Then, based on the terrain of the land, you have to get hunting gear.

Hunting accessories and equipment

Whatever you skip, ensure your hunting pack list has all these items.


A cooler with ice is vital if you want to keep your kill fresh. The size of the cooler will depend on the type of catch you are trying to get.

Water Bottle

Hunting is daunting, and you will have to walk for a long time. Therefore keeping yourself hydrated is essential to avoid heatstroke, fatigue, and other health issues. So, pack a water bottle that can hold enough water for three to four days.

Water Bottle

Scent Blocker

Make sure you do not wear strong perfumes or do not have any strong odor while hunting. Your odor will alert the prey, and they might run before you catch it. Therefore wear a scent blocker that will hide your scent.

Scent attraction

If you want your prey to come to you, it is best if you pack a scent attractant. For attracting deer, it is best to use doe-urinated products.

Compass or GPS

Pack a compass or GPS to track your location and find your way home. So, make sure you have packed all the essential things when hunting to have a safe and thrilling hunting experience.

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