“I would like to take a moment to compliment your company on you continued commitment to what we feel is industry leading quality and commitment to customer needs and satisfaction. My hunting partner and I have been using your packs for over ten years now. We have used your products extensively in our elk adventures, without on failure. I can attest to the fact that you build a bullet proof pack and we have overloaded your packs with elk a great many times and the seams, zippers and straps have never failed. Thanks again for building a great product!"—Steve S.
“The Bino-topia bino suspender is a very nice product! The neoprene yoke on the back stretches easily allowing small movement so you don't feel the optics bouncing as you walk. The elastic straps on the bottom keep the optics snug against you body while you move, yet allow raising them easily to view objects when needed. They also help steady the binocs making it easier to use higher power magnification. The method of attaching to the optics is strong, secure and very quiet. It will not mar the surface like some of the other brands with plastic or metal rings. So far I am very happy with this product."—Alan J.
“I love your pack system. I was issued a Nimrod pack and loved it. Now I am with a different agency and we have a different company's pack, I can't stand them. Your pack ruined me for all other packs. I am trying to get our equipment officer to start buying Nimrod. I may have to just buy my own, but it will be money well spent!"—Troy D.
“I had the opportunity to test out the pack system that I purchased from you at the State SAR Conference. With 25 years as a search and rescue coordinator with about 600 missions under my belt, I have seen about every piece of the “latest and greatest” outdoor gear used by back country hunters, hikers, searchers and horse folks. I had been looking for a way to transport my turkey hunting blinds, stools and all other “stuff” that we turkey hunters seem to acquire over the years. The Wilderness Collapsible Pack System looked like it would fit the bill just right for my needs. The only modification I made to the pack was to attach a small hook on the top lifting handle of the pack so I could hang the pack off the ground inside the blind so I could access my calls, water ect while hunting. After three days out this last weekend I must say that the pack system has worked well above my expectations, the quality of your products is excellent and I know it will provide years of service for both hunting and as a 24 hour pack during SAR operations. Thanks again for a great product."—Fred S.
“My shopping experience was wonderful with this merchant. The customer service was professional and timely. I would return to this merchant and recommend this merchant to anyone looking for the equipment they provide."—Rich S.
“Hi, I'm a big fan of your products and have been carrying one of your I-A packs in Montana for the past two years. I recently accepted a job in the Great Smokey Mountains and I'm now stuck with sub-par line gear, or I can purchase my own. Several of the people I work with are looking into purchasing their own gear as well and we were wondering if there was any sort of discount available for government personnel who use products like yours in the field on a daily bases. We are part of a fire Use Module based out of G S M N Park and spend as much time working in rugged conditions as possible and require gear that will stand up and not let us down, the Nimrod pack I've had out west has proven itself to me and I hope to continue relying on these well made packs. Thanks for your time."—William E.
“Some of my crews think that the Nimrod pack is the ultimate. Since they are happy and effective I will continue to purchase whatever equipment it takes. Right now that is the Nimrod pack."—Fire Supervisor
“I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your pack system. It probably comes as no surprise to you, but after looking at most of the packs on the market, your system was my choice and I have always been most impressed and happy with my purchase. I used the pack for a number of activities, mainly prospecting in the desert. The Nimrod's construction and comfort is unequaled, period. I am sure this is the very best product of it's kind on the market and I enthusiastically endorse it to everyone I meet who is interested in getting the best. I do think you should try to expand your dealerships: California and Arizona come to mind. There are many people in these states who spend a lot of time outdoors and who would be amazed at the performance of this pack system."—D.M. from California
“I just got the Pinnacle and have taken it out for a day hike and it has to be the most comfortable pack I have ever worn. Being a big guy, most packs are not really comfortable for me around my shoulders, but this one feels like it was made just for me- I love it!!"—P.M.
“I recently borrowed the guide spotter bag from a friend to do a scouting trip into the Elkhorns for mountain goats. I am the owner of your wonderful apex system, (04) wilderness collapsible system (04) and recently (06) purchased an additional pinnacle day pack. I would like to inquire about adding the guide spotter bag to my pinnacle. The friend I borrowed it from assured me that I would enjoy it and he was spot on, what an incredible pack, I had a place for everything and it was a lesson in comfort. I went in with what I believe was about 40 pounds and upon my weighing the pack, found that it was 56 pounds. The advances you've made year in and year out are leading the industry in hunting and backpacking. My hunting partner and I always look forward to the Portland sportsmen expo each year in order to see what we are going to 'have to have' from you."—S.S.
“I received the order Friday and used the pack this weekend while on a training hike yesterday and shooting my bow today. As with my last Nimrod pack, that I'm retiring after 10 years of service, this one is truly a joy to use. Thanks for throwing in the extra accessory pouch, it works perfect for a range finder and is out of the way and accessible on the shoulder harness D-ring."—S.T.
“This is a great company. The customer service is the best I have seen! I would recommend their packs to anyone who is interested in the best pack you can buy!"—E.B.
“Your fire packs are the best I have used!!"—R.L.
“Just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed my Nimrod Pack System. I purchased this pack last year with a Guide's discount and I told the woman who helped me I would send some photo's and feedback. I have guided elk, deer, moose, and antelope hunters for the last twelve years. I carry a lot of gear that includes a spotting scope among all the other things. As I hunt myself, I can't seem to leave anything home that I use guiding, but the added bulk of a rifle would drive me crazy. As I saw your ad on cable over a year ago, it seemed to address my hands free concern to still use my glasses and spotting scope. Your system has worked flawlessly for my elk, deer and antelope hunts in Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico. It also has been extremely useful in letting me pack out an animal as well as all my other gear. You have truly designed a winner!"—Thanks, P.M.
“Every time I wear my pack elk hunting, no one can believe how awesome it carries the mass of stuff I take. I try to tell guys not to waste their $$$ on other packs because none can compare to the way yours lives up to the way these are built. I do have one problem after all this time the snaps on the top of the pack, it reverse from orange to camo, won't stay snapped. It has taken time and a lot of miles covered to wear it down but not out. What do I do to have this fixed? The pack and rifle scabbard are still in great shape and I look forward to buying these for my grandsons."—Bigdog
"I included your pack system in my hunting photo because I consider it one of my hunting 'trophies.' There is absolutely no doubt in my mind the Nimrod Pack System is the highest quality pack system on the market today!"—K.D. Spokane from Washington
"I would like you to know that I am very impressed with the quality & detail you have put into this pack. The design is fantastic and I will promote this pack to all my friends."—A.B. Whittier from California
"Thank you for the support you give your product and for designing such a great system. It is by far the best on the market."—J.D. from Oregon
“Over the years, we have been able to rely on your pack to fit our specific needs of aggressive bowhunting.”—Brent
“I am more than satisfied with my pack, it’s great and I am blown away by the features and value of the whole thing."—Steve
“Thank you so very much for going miles out of your way to assist my sister and I, the packs are absolutely phenomenal and their design is without a doubt unbeatable by the competition.”—Cody
“I am & will continue to recommend your high-quality firefighting products to my crewmates and other firefighters, Thank again!”—Darcy
“I can say without reservation that your highly adjustable pack allows me to position the weight of the pack perfectly to conform to my body, a four day pack in of forty pounds has never carried so comfortable.”—Best regards, Steve
“Well I want you to know that I have been testing your pack while riding my Suzuki out in the brush. I must say that it is a great pack to have if you are on a bike in the thick of it. Out of everyone there I was the only one not complaining about my pack. Not once did I feel that it got in my way, nor did I have to stop like the others and readjust my pack every mile or so."—Thanks again, John from Washington
“Your special consideration is sincerely appreciated. The boys had mentioned one of the reasons they purchased the pack systems from Nimrod was that they were very impressed with the (customer oriented, down to earth) style that the salesman/ saleswomen had displayed at the show in Portland. Rest assured we are impressed with all of your products. The boys purchased some other products after the initial pack purchase and have been very satisfied. We will certainly share our thoughts on your products and customer service with friends & family."—Sincerely, D.W. from Oregon
“I just wanted to say thanks for the recent retrofit of a new belt to my old pack. I have gear from you purchased in 2003, and the zipper attachment of the pack to the belt has changed in 2004. You retrofitted a new belt to my old pack, incorporating the old zipper system. I appreciate you going out of your way to make this modification."—Best regards, M.F.

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