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Our packs have a lot of adjustment but for optimum performance order the size that best fits your anatomy from the chart below. We offer several sizes in all our back packs that equates to a much higher level of performance. The packs are sized to fit over jackets and clothes so over-sizing is not required.

Pack Fit:

* Large / 140-215 lbs 5'6"-6'2"

* X-large / 190-260 lbs 5'10-6'8"

* Medium / 115-150 lbs 5'2-5'9"

* Small / 100-125 lbs 5'-5'5"

Custom sizes are available, call 800-646-7632 for more info, if you need it larger or even smaller, not a problem, just let us know, this custom feature only costs about $20.00

If you have any questions please call one of our product specialist and they can help with your questions.


Our packs have certain points of adjustment that if correctly employed, will obtain greater comfort and performance!

Center the packs padded hip belt on the tips of your hip bones, then with the shoulder harness over shoulders and sternum strap buckled, notice the D-rings on each front upper part of the harness, these should be just forward of the top of the shoulder. If not in this position, loosen or tighten the harness webbing to achieve this position. To move the d-rings forward, loosen the 1.5" center rear strap and to move backward tighten this strap, as you do tighten or loosen the front 1" adjusters.

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