Bino Top N-9T, These are great for protecting your optics from water, dust and impact and attach to your Bino-topia suspender perfectly!

BINO Top N-9T (adds to your suspender)
BINO Top N-9T (adds to your suspender)BINO Top N-9T (adds to your suspender)BINO Top N-9T (adds to your suspender)BINO Top N-9T (adds to your suspender)
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The Bino Top covers the top portion of your optics where most of the contamination originates. These are water proof, if you put dry optics in, it will keep them dry! Great also to protect from top impact if crawling for a stalk. Padded with a snap elastic strap the attaches around the attachment point lanyard. One side is left loose to provide quick off and on, snap down when storing or more aggressive activity. When you want to view, simply flip off the top to one side and view as shown in photo clip. A perfect match for the Bino-topia suspender!
CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Rich-Eastern Oregon " I initially purchased the Bino-Topia system because I was looking for all the things it had to offer. I have had them in service for 4 years (and the cover) and not one issue period. I use and abuse them year round. I am amazed at how well these have held up. I was previously using the Crooked Horn system which was a good change from the neck strap. Going to this system was like stepping out of a Pinto into a Mercedes. Worth every penny and then some. I still haven't seen another system that I would even consider using. I would 100% recommend to a friend and I ever need to, would certainly buy again for myself."

I would like to take a moment to compliment your company on you continued commitment to what we ... read more

—Steve S.

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