BINO-TOPIA BINOCULAR SUSPENDER AVAILABLE IN THE PREMIER NO-SEE-UM OR SALE RANDOM COLOR AT $27 SALE PRICE, they'll be either solid or camo color, you can specify in the comments box and we try to accommodate but no promises! CLICK COLOR OPTION FOR SALE PRICING AT $27

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Bino-Topia™ is purely the u-topia of bino-optic suspender systems. By joining our advanced suspender to your optics you will attain more comfort in wearing even heavy optics and offer more protection than you ever thought possible. Your optics are too valuable to not give them the best treatment available.
If you select the "SALE RANDOM COLOR" $27 Bino- Topia it will be a quiet fabric, usually polartec. Solid colors are Black, Tan, Loden, or Camo with a leather embossed label, you can state your preference and we will try to accommodate but we don't promise any specific colors.
We attribute our advanced performance of the Bino-Topia™ system to several proprietary elements that are unique to Nimrod binocular suspenders. First, Bino-Topia™ is not merely a hand full of elastic straps hooked to your optic's, rather a high quality suspender unit anchored by our anatomic padded yoke that places the webbing straps exactly where we want them and provides advanced distribution of the weight on the back of your shoulders, eliminating annoying neck pain. The adjustable top straps are a solid nylon webbing, (not elastic) it does not stretch or bounce, and never needs to be readjusted like all elastic suspenders need regularly. The lower elastic straps hold the bino's firmly against your chest and can be easily adjusted for more or less tension. This premium quality elastic is long lasting because it is only being stretched when you lift the bino's, extending their service life. More info below.
Target Features...
* Organizes webbing straps and elastic straps for more comfortable optic placement and.
* Anatomic yoke distributes weight and organizes the suspender for easy outfit.
* A quick release buckle is integrated into the hardware to facilitate optic change.
* Venting and attachment holes offer accessory lanyard installation.
* The optic attachment lanyard cord feature reduces abrasion on optic boss and increases adjustability and security and very quiet with no squeaking.
Our proprietary attachment system is also only found on Nimrod's Bino-Topia™ bino suspenders. This webbing hardware keeps the straps in-place with the perfect angle of connection to your bino's. At the point of termination between your adjustment straps and your optics, we have integrated a quick release buckle, which includes an attachment lanyard that easily loops through the boss hardware on your bino's or camera. You can easily release the bino's from the suspender and store as needed without removing the bino suspender from yourself. This is handy when moving between hunting areas. Accessory attachment holes are offered to secure glove hook lens wipe and optic attachments. We offer several pouches and holster that will integrate into the suspender. Each of these cases include a attachment loop at the upper corners of the cases, the Bino-topia's nylon lanyard loop with quick-release buckle simply secures to this loop so your case or holster can be carried on the suspender. Also the cases have a attachment strap that will loop through the suspenders tri-glide hardware, so it can be carried along with your optics. Each suspender includes one pair of quick release hardware to attach to a optic or accessory, if you wish to add several other optics or accessories to the suspender you need to purchase additional male buckle attachment sets available in the complimenting products below, click item # n9m in the option box for the mail portions only.
CUSTOMER COMMENT: Rich-Eastern Oregon " I initially purchased the Bino-Topia system because I was looking for all the things it had to offer. I have had them in service for 4 years (and the cover) and not one issue period. I use and abuse them year round. I am amazed at how well these have held up. I was previously using the Crooked Horn system which was a good change from the neck strap. Going to this system was like stepping out of a Pinto into a Mercedes. Worth every penny and then some. I still haven't seen another system that I would even consider using. I would 100% recommend to a friend and I ever need to, would certainly buy again for myself."

I would like to take a moment to compliment your company on you continued commitment to what we ... read more

—Steve S.

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