INCREDIBLE DISCOUNT ON OUR BACK COUNTRY EXTREME 2014 MAX ATTACK FOLDING FRAME PACK! Includes: *One Folding Frame, *One Max Attack Suspension! Ready to pack out that big elk!

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Since our Folding Frame packs conception in 2006 they have seen a lot of outdoor extreme use from packing enormous mulies to massive bulls. The frame pack has generated some added features over the years and certainly, more durable than ever, heavier gauge T-65-11 aircraft aluminum, T lash on studs for quick loading of cargo and our strap slots that quickly attach any Nimrod pack bag to the frame in seconds. The shelf portion folds flat against the main frame so you can be as compact as you want and it makes for very compact storage. The shelf keeps your load from shifting down, held by a mesh deck. See the many optional bags and scabbard you can add to the Frame pack to make your hunt more enjoyable! Built on the Base Belt pack suspension system so you have a 600 cubic inch storage pocket for game care items and more, that can be used without the frame, also great storage for our accessory Haul bag, listed below if needed. Advanced suspension system, flows with your body and comfortable, anatomically built so you can easily shoot your weapon. A great hunting frame, offering incredible ability to move through the woods and maneuver hunting!
INCLUDES: 1 Base Belt w/ 600 cu inch back pocket. 1 Advanced Shoulder Harness. 1 Folding Shelf Aluminum Frame. (Attaches to Advanced Suspension)
*Nimrod engineered and designed these frames, the aircraft aluminum metal parts of our frames are imported, then we use these parts to assemble the final frame with our legendary full suspension providing a manufactured product made in America!

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