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No-See-Um Camouflage, Hydrospun Fabric, Liner

NIMROD'S NO-SEE-UM Camouflage is the ultimate western dryland camouflage. This pattern will get you closer to the animals offering incredible color contrast. It is designed to blend in with desert colors, from fallen sage, rock and dry plant species! Nimrod packs exterior fabric is custom made for Nimrod in America, we call it Hydrospun, our premium domesticly spun polyester fleece has a mid wind/water barrier. It is hydrophobic light in weight, burr resistant and very durable. We have used this fabric for nearly two decades and in that time we have not found a fabric that is so quiet and has so many great qualities for a fine hunting pack. Our packs have a water proof liner, this is a nylon taffeta with a laytex waterproof breathable coating. This liner gives the Hydrospun fleece incredible structure and a pack as a whole that is very water repellent. We even seam seal our strategic seams with Aqua-seal. This is a process that should be repeated occasionally by a pack owner to keep their pack incredibly water repellent. Our packs are assembled with special blind stitching processes using a heavy bonded nylon thread for seam security. These seams are double sewn and then bound with a nylon binding. These are just a few components that make a Nimrod pack last for many years of hard hunting!

Our No-See-Um has had great success in the western states getting close to big game. We have sportsmen share of very close encounters with wild game as a result of No-See-Um! NEW is our Blaze camo, bright but broken up so its harder for game to spot, Nimrod makes no guarantees that this blaze is certified in your area, check local laws to be sure. And next is our solid loden,(special order), great for general recreation or traveling over seas where camo is not an option! And then our NEW Blaze Camouflage!

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